lana (roxyrox145) wrote,

hey guys..............
omg today was soooo much fun!!
Jamie, lissa, hayley and me came home after 5th period. Oh and Flo too (sorry)............well yeah so....we ordered 4 pizzas and watched mulan rouge since Flo hasnt seen it. Then Flo had to go home and i had to run with her! but its cool. Then we listned to music and wanted to win money on the star 98.7 thing....haha i got throu and i hang up by accident....oops! After that we didnt know what to do so we came downstairs and started doing dont want to know. (lol) So, Jamie left and it was only 3 of us. We played uno and got bored so we went swimming. While lissa was climbing the fence because we didnt have a key to the pool i saw this 4 HOT guys so me and hayley were yelling stuff it was funny. They churned around and looked at us for like 2min. HAHA
Then, well now we are all wet (not the nasty way). Hayley is gonna go soon...that sucks!
ok well im gonna go too, lissa is changing haha she put her bra backwords. lol
ok MUAH!!!!!!!

luv ya all!!!! oh yeah Jamie is getting me a male stripper for my b-day!!! I cant wait.
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