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today was the worst day so far this week. I came to school blah blah blah, then there is polo practice omfg i hate Nester out couch. I was swimming but i almoust passed out because i only ate an apple the whole day, but Nester gave me all this crap about how im not swimming and shit....w/e
Anyway's i came home got on line, checked the weather and went to sleep. After i woke upat 8 so i ate a pb and j sandwich......which i kind off got sick off. Oh yeah dont worry i ate before i went to sleep, i made potatoes with onions......good..... anyway so then at about 10:30pm i tryed to go to sleep but i just couldnt so was just laying on my bed looking at my door. At 11:30 my brother and my sister which are fucking asses were trying to leave the house to go and smoke. There so stupid thinking that i wont see them. Man......there sooo fucking gay! I hate them... i wish that i was an only child. Or a little brother or sister.
So yeah thats all.....its 11:52 and Lissa just signed off, im bored but also not tired.....ok well g2g bye
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