lana (roxyrox145) wrote,

HEy omg today was soo much fun!
This morning i woke up at 9:30 on a school day, then i took a shower and went down stairs. My mom took me to do some arence and then i had to go get a shot. It was fast and it didnt hirt at all except that now its blue...weird. After i went home, got my school stuff and came to school on a 4th period. After school i came home and did stuf............
I went to the football game, it was soo muchfun!! Me, Jennifer and Grace were laughing so hard its not even funny, then Anthenie came with his friend and we hanged out well talked.
My dad came and picked me up from Grace's house and now im here.................. =(
haha bye
Oh yeah and Diego ur weird lol.......
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